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Guitar Sessions

If you need electric or acoustic guitars on your project, I can record remotely from my home studio.

What I'll need from you:

  • A demo recording of the song. Preferably, the tempo and layout of the song should be finalized before guitar tracking.

  • Any notes, directions, or examples of what you'd like the guitars to sound like.

What you'll get:

  • A full arrangement of stereo guitar tracks.

  • All tracks edited and phase-aligned.

  • Tracks delivered either as WAV files, or a pre-built Pro Tools session for importing.

  • One revision or addition if you'd like something different.

Since every arrangement is different, some songs will require more guitar parts and more detail than others. For that reason all rates are negotiable and subject to the needs of each song. Generally, rates will be:

Electrics: $100-$250 per song

Acoustics: $50-$100 per song

Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions about getting your project started!

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